Dookie Primary School

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A  Anaphylaxis  -  Anaphylaxis.pdf
     Asbestos Management Plan  - Asbestos Management Plan Dookie PS.pdf

B  Behaviour Management  - Behaviour Management.pdf
    Bully and harrasment  - Bully and Harassment.pdf
C  Child Safe - Child Safe.pdf
     Camps  - Camps.pdf
     Child Empowerment and Participation - Child Empowerment and Participation.pdf
     Child Safe Risk Assessment Standard 6 - Standard 6 Risk Assessment Child Safe.pdf
     Code of Conduct - Code of Conduct.pdf
     Child Safe Statement of Commitment - Standard 2 Statement of commitment.pdf
     Cash Handling - Cash Handling Policy ratified March 2018.doc.pdf
     Critical Incident - critical incident plan and policy.doc.pdf
D   Dogs on school grounds  - dogs on school grounds.pdf
      Dress Code                     - School Dress Code - 2018.pdf
      Duty of Care  - Duty of Care.pdf
E   Excursions - Excursion.pdf
     Esmart - E Smart Policy - IT Acceptable Use Agreement - 2016 draft.pdf
     Electronic Banking - Electronic Banking Policy ratified March 2018.pdf
F   Feeling Safe Information - ChildSafeStandard5_FeelingSafePrimarySchool.pdf
     First Aid - first aid policy.pdf
G  Grievance Process - Grievance Process.pdf
H  Headlice - Headlice policy 2018.pdf
     Human Resources - Human Resources.pdf
I   Incursions  - Incursions.pdf
    Investment of funds - Investment of funds policy ratified March 2017.doc.pdf
    Inclusion -  INCLUSION POLICY.pdf
    Internet banking - Internet Banking Policy ratified March 2017.pdf
    Identifying and reducing child abuse - Identifying and reducing child abuse.pdf
M  Manditory Reporting  - Mandatory Reporting.pdf
     Medication  -  Medication Policy - 2016.pdf
O  On site supervision - On-Site Supervision.pdf
     OHS - OHS - 2016.pdf
     OHS risk management procedure - ohsriskmgtprocedure.pdf
     OHS Safety Consultation and Communication Policy - ohsconsultcommspolicy.pdf
P  Parents code of conduct - Parent Code of Conduct.pdf
    Parent payment - Parent payment policy March 2018.pdf
    Protecting Children From Abuse - ChildSafeStandard5_ParentsProtecting.pdf
    Privacy - Privacy.pdf
    Purchasing Card - Purchasing Card Policy ratified March 2017.pdf
S  Sunsmart  -  Sunsmart - 2016.pdf
    Safety Officer Child Safe - Standard 1 Child Safety Officer.pdf
    Standing Orders - School Council Standing Orders Policy 2018.pdf
    Staff Registers - Staff registers.pdf
Teaching and Learning - teaching and learning.pdf
V   Volunteers - Volunteers - 2016.pdf
     Visitors - Volunteers and Visitors.pdf
W  Welfare  -  welfare.pdf