Kitchen and Garden


 The students at Dookie PS participate in Stephanie Alexander Kitchen sessions. During these sessions students develop their understanding of what food is, where it comes from, and how it is processed or prepared. Students also develop a range of age appropriate skills by preparing food for a range of dishes. Some of the food prepared is sourced from our extensive garden which the children work to develop and care for during their garden sessions.

A noticeable feature of the Dookie PS site is its herb, fruit and vegetable gardens which are complemented by the addition of live chickens. The students are involved in regular sessions where they grow plants from seed, plant out, take care of and harvest their own fruit and vegetables. There are a range of different gardens that the students work in and often students are able to eat directly from the gardens they have produced. When students harvest, they are able to either use their produce in the kitchen, eat it fresh or hold a produce stall at the end of the week where they will have their fresh produce and eggs for sale to raise money for future projects.